If you feel as lost thinking about your books as you would looking at the full score to Beethoven's Fifth, we want to help you.

Hi, I'm Rachel.

I have a heart and passion for small business. I believe that it is vital to our communities, and I know that it has the power to change lives and family trees. I was a small business owner for years, so I have a unique perspective to help you - as someone who's been in your shoes. I know first hand what it is like to run a business and be responsible not only for daily operations across multiple departments, but also balancing that with strategic planning, vision, and leadership. It's tough when you've never been trained for half of those things! I love being a seasoned, trusted partner to help you with your business.

I also love numbers and puzzles, and I'm beyond excited to have founded a bookkeeping business that can help other small business owners achieve their dreams.

My background is a perfect fit for this business:

  • degree in Business Management with Minors in Accountancy and Music from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
  • small business owner for over 5 years
  • bookkeeper for over 5 years
  • served as bookkeeper for an accountant, working with many different types of businesses
  • Certified Advisor in two accounting platforms: QuickBooks and Xero

My experience as a small business owner has given me a well-rounded understanding of various areas that many people never achieve, including finances, operations, marketing, and management. I know small business, and it fascinates me. I'm continuously seeking ways to gain a deeper understanding of effectively run organizations and the people who make them tick. There's a particular satisfaction that comes with improving a process or helping someone achieve a goal that motivates me to always seek the next level of effectiveness.

I can't wait to meet you!



We have an amazing team here at Masterpiece and I'm so excited to have the following ladies on board.

Meet Becky.

Becky grew up living and breathing small business, working to file things in the family business office from the time she learned how to alphabetize. As she got older, she took on more and more of the office duties, balancing them with countless other jobs through high school and college. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, accepted a position in a school district, and moved to Wisconsin to be close to her brother.

The world of academia seems lackluster when compared to the world of business, and it didn’t take long for her to realize how much she missed the numbers and the challenges of doing the books for a small business. She is so excited to be in a position to help not just one, but MANY small businesses with their bookkeeping. She is especially passionate about helping business owners reduce stress and feel comfortable with the way their finances are reviewed, and the valuable information carefully kept books can provide.


Meet Gabby.

Gabby is a Mississippi based bookkeeper and the newest addition to the Masterpiece Team. She grew up working in her father’s business and fell in love with the administrative side of it. Attending accounting classes in college only made those interests grow. She now has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and truly understands the importance of good quality bookkeeping practices and financial management.

She has a special affinity for small business and loves that she gets to work with them every day. She is eager to continue learning about concepts and tools that can improve and optimize the administrative processes of business so that she can help small business owners run their operations more seamlessly.