Dubsado: CRM + Proposals + Scheduler

What we use it for:

  • Proposals
  • E-signature for Engagement Letters and other authorizations
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Contact forms/lead captures on our website
  • Client surveys
  • HR application process
  • Calendar Scheduler

What we don’t use it for: bookkeeping.

Why we love it:

We get compliments on our awesome proposals all. the. time.  A lot of the credit goes to the Dubsado platform! A favorite feature of Dubsado is we can send a proposal, engagement letter to e-sign, and the first invoice to pay all in one stepAnd it looks beautiful. Plus, when a client signs on, it’s set up to automatically send a welcome kit. Bam. Talk about setting a great first impression!

Want to check it out? Here’s our referral link. Let us know how you like it!